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Stowe Australia's CBD office recently had two Fluke DTX1800 cable testers Calibrated by Celemetrix Mobile service. We found this service to be extremely valuable and our testers were calibrated within 12 hours, the service fee cost was effective and the Celemetrix technicians were courteous and professional. Our testers are in constant use - the fact that we could have them calibrated and get them back into the field within 12 hours was certainly beneficial to our business. We would certainly make use of this service in the future.

Glenn Cairncross, Stowe Australia Pty Ltd

Just a short note to thank the team at Celemetrix for professionalism and swiftness shown in conducting our recent calibrations. Calibration in the past has been a painstaking process due to our isolation down in Tasmania. Your mobile calibration service has solved this problem. It was satisfying to deal with one service provider for our RF, fibre optic and data communications equipment.

John Cunningham, Transend Networks Pty Ltd

Several months ago, Celemetrix contacted us about a mobile calibration service that they had touring the country, which would be available to us in Perth. As we are located on the other side of the country, we have found it a large undertaking to remove one of our testers from service. The typical turn around, with getting a tester from site, packaged up, and sent on courier, as well as the calibration and return trip, is around 2 weeks. With Celemetrix's mobile calibration service, I can just take all of our testers out of service for a day, and have them back on site the next day. The cost savings involved in this process is significant to our company. Not just in actual freight costs but also in administration and reduced downtime. Because of the reduced downtime and hassle to our company, I have found that we are able to calibrate our equipment far more regularly than would otherwise happen. If everyone knows a particular date that the testers will not be available, this is very easy to plan for and aaccommodate, whereas the loss of equipment for 2 weeks becomes a drain on our resources for a long period of time. I would highly recommend Celemetrix's mobile calibration service to anyone who has a need for regular calibration of their test equipment. Celemetrix have always provided us with prompt and accurate service and advice at a reasonable cost in all of our dealings with them.

Paul Donocan, Datatel Communications

With regards to our recent equipment calibrations, I would like to thank you and your team for your efficient service. The fact that you worked over the weekend to have our equipment available Monday morning was really appreciated.

Stuart Hosie, Visionstream

They are well priced and their turn around time is fast. I would highly recommend using them as they have done us wonders in calibrating our HV test equipment in the past. Celemetrix has the capabilities to test all or your equipment you have mentioned in the below email.

Trent Franz, Brandis Hire