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Our Mission

Celemetrix's mission is to remain a recognised leader in providing specialist test and measurement and consulting services to organisations throughout Asia Pacific. We are committed to supporting our client's requirements by delivering cost effective, ethical, reliable, and high quality solutions of strategic value, while sustaining a challenging and rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our employees.


The Management of Celemetrix Pty Ltd are committed to achieving service excellence in the area of calibration and testing services for test equipment and measurement instrumentation. Celemetrix management team maintain a strong quality culture, focussing on customer satisfaction in order to increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers through the provision of high quality calibration and testing services, in a manner which continually exceeds customer’s expectations.

Celemetrix management are committed to:

  • Increasing client satisfaction
  • Operating the Company with a highly effective management team
  • Promoting a risk based planning and project implementation process
  • Creating a work environment that recognises staff as the Companys major asset
  • Growing a practice where there is a clear benefit to the Company
  • Increasing the recognition of the Company in all technical disciplines
  • Promoting technical excellence and innovation
  • Growing relationships with suppliers, service partners and regulatory authorities

  • Celemetrix personnel share the responsibility of providing quality and delivering service excellence. Celemetrix will regularly seek performance feedback from its customers and service partners and address any identified areas for improvement, to continually support and enhance its delivery, quality and service. To achieve these objectives, Celemetrix has established the Celemetrix Management System as a framework for calibration and testing service activities. The Celemetrix Management System will be maintained and reviewed to optimise its usefulness and effectiveness in achieving objectives.

    The Company has adopted ISO9001, ISO/IEC 17025 and EASA UG.CAO.00132- 002 as minimum standards for quality performance, regulatory compliance and to satisfy the requirements of organisations providing recognition. Celemetrix commitment to quality aims to reinforce customer satisfaction, increase the skills of our staff and gain a competitive edge within the markets we serve. Celemetrix senior technical staff will actively participate in the scientific instrumentation industry and associations to increase knowledge and promote technological advancement.

    This policy and the Celemetrix Management System will be effectively communicated throughout the company and will be regularly reviewed.


    Celemetrix are suppliers of Test and Measurement servicing and rental solutions. We will only employ practices and procedures in the development, manufacture, supply and support of these solutions that lead to conservation of our natural resources and prevent pollution of our environment.

    To this end, it is our policy to:

    • Comply with all local laws and regulations
    • Minimise use of raw materials by recycling where practical
    • Minimise the use of energy and non-renewable resources in the operation of the business
    • Reduce landfill by recycling where practical
    • Improve employees', suppliers' and customers' awareness of our Environmental Policy
    • Encourage employees to find ways of supporting our policy and participating in community projects to preserve the environment
    • Set objectives and targets to continually improve our environmental performance

    Celemetrix has set targets in 2020 to:
    • Reduce Energy consumption by 10% this year. To achieve this target we are monitoring electricity usage, automating environmental management systems and upgrading equipment to modern high efficiency models.
    • Increase waste management and recycling
    • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 10% over 2 years. To achieve this target, Celemetrix has benchmarked current GHG emission estimates and will analyse progress using the same metrics in 2021.


    Celemetrix are committed to providing and maintaining the best possible standard of work health and safety for everyone at places of work, including employees, contractors and visitors. In realising its commitment, Celemetrix will comply with all relevant work health and safety legislation. Celemetrix recognise that the best way to manage work health and safety is through management and staff working together to identify and solve work health and safety problems. Celemetrix is committed to regular consultation with staff, and where necessary with contractors and suppliers of equipment and services, to make sure work health and safety is being effectively managed.