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AJL Access Joint Location

AN Aggregation Node

ASC Angled Square Connector

ADSS All-Dielectric Self Supporting

AS/ACIF Australian Standard/

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ASC Angled Subscriber Connector

APC Angled Polish Connector

Attenuation Cable Loss at a Frequency of Wavelength

ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL2+ Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line

BAN Business Access Network

bD Decibel

BPON Broadband Passive Optical Network

CPE Customer Premises Equipment

CAN Customer Access Network

COFTU Customer Optic Fibre Termination Unit

CBD Central Business District

Cat5 Copper Cable Standard

Cat6 Copper Cable Standard

Cat7 Copper Cable Standard

CEDM Course Wave Division Multiplexing

CD Chromatic Dispersion

CRC Cyclic Reduncancy Check

dBm Decibels with reference to one mill watt

DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

DFN Distribution Fibre Network

DJL Distribution Joint Location

DSS Distribution Sheath Segment

DLM Distribution Lead in Multiport

dB Decibel

EUP End User Premises

ESA Exchange Service Area

EDN Enterprise Data Network

Ethernet Frame based Transmission Technology

FAN Fibre Access Node

FAN DFN Fibre Access Node Distribution Fibre Network

FCD Fibre Collector Distributor

FDA Fibre Distribution Area

FDH Fibre Ditribution Hub

FDH DFN Fibre Distribution Hub Distribution Fibre Network

FDT Fibre Distribution Terminal

FSA Fibre Servicing Area

FSAM Fibre Servicing Area Mobile

FWO Fibre Wall Outlet

FAP Fibre Access Point

FIST Fibre Infrastructure System Technology

FRP Fibre Reinforce Plastic

FC Fixed Connection

FIST-GCO FIST - General Closure Organiser

FTTP Fibre To The Premises

FTTB Fibre To The Basement

FTTN Fibre To The Node

GPON Gigabit Passive Optical

G.826 SDH Error Measurement Standard

G.821 SDH Error Measurement Standard

HDODF High Density Optical Distribution Frame

HSD Hub Sheath Distribution

HSE Health Safety and Environment

HSL Hub Sheath Local

Hub Device that relays incoming messages to all outgoing ports

IOR Index of Refraction

IFDH Indoor Fibre Distribution Hub

IPA Isopropyl Alcohol

IEN Inter Exhange Network

IRIM Intergrated RIM

ITU International Telecommunication Union

IL Insertion Loss

IP Internet Protocol

IPTV Internet Protocol Television
Jumbo Frames Ethernet Frames Larger than 1581 bytes

LFN Local Fibre Network

LJL Local Joint Location

LSS Local Sheath Location

LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmission of Radiation

LC Lucent Connector

LED Light Emitting Diode

LM Lead in Multiport

LTS Loss Test Set

LL Link Loss

MCC MDU Cabling Contractors

MDU Multi Dwelling Unit

MMS Managed Service Providers

MPT Multiport Terminal

MPS Multi Premises Site (Multi Dwelling Unit)

MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching

MSS Multiport Sheath Segment

M-2100 SDH Error Measurement Standard

Mbp/s Megabits per second

MMOF Multimode Optical Fibre

MULTIMAN Multiplexed Manager

mW Milliwatt

MEF Metro Ethernet Forum

NARA Network Assurance and Repair Agreement

NAP Network Access Point

NTD Network Termination Device

NGN Next Generation Network

nm Nanometers

ODF Optical Distribution Frame

OFDF Optical Fibre Distribution Frame

OSA Optical Spectrum Analyser

OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectormeter

ODFT Optical Distribution Fibre Tray

OFDM Optical Fibre Distribution Module

OLTE Optical Line Terminal Equipment

OAM Operation, Administration and Maintenance

OPPC Optical Phase Conductor

ODFP Optical Distribution Fibre Panel

OJ Open Cable Joint

ONT Optical Network Terminal

OPGW Optical Power Ground Wire

OM1 Optical Fibre Cable Standard

OM2 Optical Fibre Cable Standard

OM3 Optical Fibre Cable Standard

ORL Optical Return Loss

PCD Premises Connection Device

PDH Premises Distribution Hub

PFDH Private Fibre Distribution Hub

PFN Private Fibre Network

POI Point Of Interest

POLT Packet Optical Line Terminal

PON Passive Optical Network

PPE Personal Proteective Equipment

PSU Power Supply Unit

PTP Point To Point

PBT Polybutylene Terephthalate

PMD Polarisation Model Disperion

PC Physical Contact

PSTN Public Switch Telephone Service

PRBS Pseudo Random Binary Sequence

PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride

QA Quality Assurance

QoS Quality of Service

RSDFN Return Spur Distribution Fibre Network

RDN Routed Data Network

RF Radio Frequency

RFC2544 Ethernet Performance Standard(WAN)

Router Device that seperates LAN from WLAN by transferring only those messages that need to transcerse the WAN

Runts Ethernet Frames Smaller than 64bytes

SC/APC Standard Connector / Angled Physical Connector

SDU Single Dwelling Unit

SDC Service Drop Cable (also called a SDS)

SDS Service Drop Sheath (also called a SDC)

SDN Synchronous Data Network

SC Subscriber Connector

SCA Subscriber Connector Angled

SDH Synchronous Digital Hierachy

SMOF Single Mode Optical Fibre

SOSA Splice Only Sub Assembly

SPC Super Polish Connector

ST Straight Tip

Switch Device that relays incoming messages to only the port that each message is destined for

SHDSL Synchronous High Speed Digital Sunscriber Line

TFAN Temporary Fibre Access Node

TFN Transit Fibre Network

TSS Transit Sheath Segment

TTFN Temporary Tranit Fire Network

TI Traffic Identifier

TITAB Telecommunications Industry Training Advisory Board

UPC Ultra Polish Connector

UCN Universal Closure New

UCNP Universal closure New with Ports

UCNCP Universal Closure New Canister with Ports

uW Microwatt

um Micrometers

VFL Visual Fault Locator

VIP Visual Inspection Probe

VOLT Video Optical Line Terminal

VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol

VDSL Very High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line

VCI Virtual Channel Identifier

VPI Virtual Path Identifier

W&B Warren and Brown

WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing